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Founded in 1989 by the TRG Staffing Solutions grew operations in more than 100 sites across the UK, as well as mature operations in Ireland, Eastern Europe, Canada, Thailand and Dubai.
In 2012, TRG launched its Canadian (TRGCanada) division after being invited by one of its largest clients to operate at their new facility in Toronto,ON.

Onsite Management Benefits

TRG Staffing Solutions believes in implementing Onsite Management models for our various clients. This allows our Recruitment and Account Management teams to understand the client business and become part of their respective teams.

Benefits of this approach include:


  • Recruitment: Full understanding of the job functions and being able to identify the best fits for the roles.
  • Reduce turnover / training costs with focused candidate onboarding and orientation.
  • Involved in and hold meetings / walks on floor to discuss actionable items with associates (i.e. Performance, Conduct, etc.)
  • Town hall style announcements and meetings with associates.
  • Host feedback sessions / feedback suggestion box.
  • Live direct contact for any queries/escalations.
  • Real time attendance management and (employee check ins/outs).
  • Attendance reported directly to client operations at start of shift, Supervisors involved thoroughly throughout shift assisting with day to day operations and redeploying associates across lines as needed.
  • Trusted relationship between Onsite Management team and Client Operations Team.
  • Involved in weekly meetings and in daily communication with internal team.

Download our PDF guide to the TRG Recruitment model.


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